• SmartCommunity CPR

    Skills to save a life...

    With over 300 000 sudden cardiac arrest each year, you may be called on one day to save a life. Chest compressions in CPR are much easeer once you know how.... read more

  • SmartCommunity Video

    Prepare to act

    What you do if you witness a sudden cardiac arrest will make all the difference. The SmartCommunity video introduces you to the actions that matter.... read more

  • SmartCommunity Chest Compressions

    Great Feedback Makes it Possible

    SmartCommunity manikins correct your performance as you go. No guess work, just simple, easy to read colored bars.... read more

  • SmartCommunity Certificate

    Performance matters

    Your SmartCommunity certification card shows that you have been evaluated on a real feedback manikikn and can perform effective chest compressions to save a life.... read more

  • SmartCommunity Sponsor

    The cream rises to the top

    By sponsoring a participant to learn effective chest compressions, you are increasing the well being of entire community. Only learners who demonstrate effective chest compressions are eligible for sponsorship.... read more

About SmartCommunity CPR

A not for profit, community funded, CPR skills initiative.

We hope that you never have to use the skills we are about to teach you, but if you do, you can be confident that in doing your best you will give the victim of sudden cardiac arrest the best chance to again see their friends and family...
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Getting started

SmartCommunity Video

SmartCommunity CPR is a 2 stage program. Stage 1 requires you to complete the SmartCommunity Video on your own computer. Simply click the link below to start the video module. You will need your valid email address to register. Remember, participation is free.
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Sponsor Your Community

Make a difference. Sponsor members of your local community to achieve real, measurable CPR skills

SmartCommunity sponsorship works by training and certifying participants who can demonstrate effective chest compressions in CPR.
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Latest Community

Congratulations to the Santa Barbara Community

Well Santa Barbara. This community is taking steps to ensure that its members have both the skills and confidence to save a life.
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Upskilling our community to be effective performers of chest compressions is a key strategy increasing survival in our county. Everyone should take the opportunity the SmartCommunity program offers to develop this essential skill.

Dr. A. Salvucci,
Medical Director,
Ventura County